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Behind the Curtain
Consider the Hand
Eye of an Unknown God
Head Set
Intelligent Design
Intelligent Design 10009
One Can Hardly Bear 10010
Our Happy Homeless
Pilgrim Revisted
The Rapture



As its title suggest, this Gallery deals with a variety of irritants, absurdities and mundane musings. The phenomenon explored are more of a social / political nature than are usually found in the Gnomegame Series.
The title of one of my paintings in the Painting II Gallery on this website is, “The Passing Strange”. It was meant to indicate that, on occasion, unusual and unexpected events or people occur in contemporary life.
This Gallery might attempt to point out that “The Passing Strange”, at this time in History, has become “static and all too common”.


Behind the Curtain Bushed Consider the Hand Epiphany
Eye of an Unknown God Finian Head Set Intelligent Design
Intelligent Design 10009 One Can Hardly Bear 10010 Our Happy Homeless Pilgrim Revisted
Pleas Queue The Rapture  


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