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Diagram and Natural Contour Drawing
Gestural Diagram and Quick Contour
Mass Drawing
Drawing, A Personal Approach
For the Beginner From the Beginning


HW Productions

Artist in Residence®

Classical Life Drawing Videos


The production of this series of Life Drawing Videos is totally professional.  Multiple cameras, alternate views during the session between a close-up of Holle’s active drawing board... Holle drawing the model... and the model posing for you.  Each new view of the exercise is keyed to his audio delivery.  The separate segments of the tapes are devoted entirely to the model, for you to draw, keep you involved for the full sixty minutes. You simply have to experience one of the videos to appreciate the powerful communication.

Holle has taught this discipline for thirty years in college studio courses.  His works are in museums and private collections... he is the recipient of many awards... but most important, he can help you achieve your goals as a beginning or advanced art student or refresh your skills if you are an experienced artist.

So act now. Send your order for one, two, three or all five of the video tapes. There is absolutely nothing like them on the market.


HW Productions

Classical Life Drawing The Videos cover five specific aspects of Life Drawing:
  1. Diagram & Contour Drawing (the Linear Approach)
  2. Gesture Drawing (the Action Approach)
  3. Mass Drawing (the Sculptural Approach)
  4. Combine Drawing (mixing the various approaches)
  5. For the Beginner, From the Beginning (a basic introduction)

Short Intro Clip (1.7 mb)

Long Intro Clip (11 mb)


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